Digital Marketing Audit

Industry-specific digital marketing performance-benchmarking, customised to your brand and market.

Digital Marketing Audit, Header, Chart


Analysis of 600+ factors covering Website, eCommerce, Search, eCRM, Social and Apps.


An analytical algorithm that gets tailored to your industry, together with you.


Works for any competitors & markets relevant to you (China & South Korea still WIP).


Results within a couple of weeks & no access to your data required.



The 600+ factors of the audit analyse 6 parts of the digital ecosystem:

  • Website (Desktop + Mobil)
  • eCommerce (Own eCommerce + Top 3 Retailers)
  • Search (SEO + Earned Media)
  • eCRM (Newsletter + Loyalty programs)
  • Social (Facebook + Instagram + Youtube + Regional Specialties, e.g. Vkontakte in Russia)
  • Apps (Android + Apple)

However, not every audit needs to use all 600 factors…
Before every audit, we scrutinise together with you, which digital topics really matter for your industry.
Based on this, we chose the factors to be analysed and adapt the weighting algorithm, to make sure we reflect the realities in your market the best.

What is the output?
The large amount of data retrieved makes it possible to analyse from various different perspectives. Roughly, these are the following:


  • An aggregated digital performance score taking all channels into account.
    This can be directly compared to your main competitors and also be aggregated on a company view.
  • Overview of the Performance per channel vs. your main competitors:



  • A detailed Deep-Dive into each channel with a granular identification of strengths and needs for improvement:



  • This part is then documented visually, to help your team to clearly understand what is necessary to improve the current situation.
    This is reinforced by best practices from your competitors and other industries which we add to the picture.



How „tailored“ is the audit really?

The algorithm is adjusted for each industry individually. This means that for instance Social Media will have more weight for a cosmetics brand, compared to OTC or pharmaceutical brands.

This ensures that your brand is measured only against standards that are relevant for your industry. (Other benchmarking studies typically apply a standard set of parameters which leads to questionable results. This is because customer journeys vary drastically across industries.)

Therefore, the industry tailored algorithm is not just a helpful but an essential process to derive the right insights.

Which digital channels can be analysed? 

Our Digital Marketing Audit covers the following channels:

  • Website (desktop + mobile)
  • eCommerce (own eCommerce + top 3 retailers)
  • Search (SEO + earned media)
  • eCRM (newsletter + loyalty programs)
  • Social (Facebook + Instagram + Youtube + regional specialities like Vkontakte in Russia)
  • Apps (Android + Apple)

Which countries can be analysed? 

All countries worldwide. We are still working on gaining access to certain data points in China & South Korea. So these countries are still works in progress.
For example, we can analyse your brand’s presence in the US, Germany, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Thailand and compare it to local competition. From this analysis we can deduct fields of action and priorities for you.

How much support do you need from my team? 

None. We only need the names of brands, countries and competitors for the analysis. Based on this we’ll produce your individual report.

How long does such an audit take? 

It depends on the complexity (the number of brands, countries, etc.), but usually between 2 and 8 weeks per brand.