Why this Blog?

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By Miguel Strobel on 12/18/2017

I was classically trained as a marketer. At the time, it was all about product optimization, TV campaigns and presence at the point of sale. The topic of digital was seen as a second priority – as in many other companies in Germany. In recent years, however, this has changed a lot…

…and suddenly countless companies were promising projects like this:

  • Social Media:
    To quickly and cheaply build a huge fanbase on Facebook.
  • Online Advertising:
    Optimize online campaigns at the lowest possible Cost per Impression in order to reach a lower cost than on TV.
  • Online Video Advertising: 
    Use TV spots as pre-roll ads
     on Youtube or produce viral videos to reach a broader audience with a small budget.
  • Search Engine Marketing 
    Use keyword advertising to dominate Google search and be visible even in subject areas that seemed previously unreachable.

This list of common mistakes* could continue endlessly…
*Why these beautiful sounding examples are actually profound mistakes I will of course explain in upcoming posts.

But why did this happen?

As is often the case, it was based on a fundamentally correct insight: Digital is important for our brand but this was a small addition: it would have to work as well as your other media.

Because I believe the first statement to be correct (obviously) and noticed how many problems the second statement triggers, I decided to write this blog.

I would like to help all marketers and those interested in digital technology to comprehensively understand the great and extremely valuable, but also the complicated, world of Digital Marketing.

There are already many experts for given areas of Digital Marketing (Search Engine Marketing, Facebook Marketing, etc) out there. They are extremely strong in their fields, so I would always recommend consulting them as well.

What I can offer you is the big picture for the digital ecosystem and the links between the various tools which I believe are the most important to marketers.

So have fun reading this blog and in the travel through the digital world.
With digital regards,
Miguel Strobel