Online Marketing Compass Edition #1

Facebook, Online Advertising, UX

By Leon Merse on 09/07/2018

This week’s selection of key topics: Facebook attacks Youtube with video platform aimed at Influencers / Chatbots as key to User Experience / A new way of finding the right Influencers / Google Ad Strength changes Keyword Advertising / Instagram Pods



Facebook rolls out video platform “Watch” globally

Facebook challenges Youtube’s monopoly on Influencers by rolling out its video platform “Watch” globally and offering enhanced monetization possibilities for those producing the content. The platform enables anyone to share videos and allows accounts of a certain size (min. 10.000 followers generating 30.000 1-minute views) to earn a share of the ad revenue. The main ad format will be called “Ad Breaks” which are 15 second video ads that are shown before or during the video.

Our assessmentTry in the next months. Although Youtube is the #1 video platform, Watch has the advantage of Facebook’s huge audience of 2.2 billion users per month. We believe that the monetization incentives will motivate many Influencers to use the platform, hence booking Ad Breaks could be an interesting test before their prices go up. [learn more]



Chatbots as crucial component of user experience

According to eMarketer, 63% of users are more likely to return to a website if it offers a live chat. Chatbots constitute an attractive opportunity to meet this need while also driving sales. The reason for this is that they can increase conversion by explaining products in greater detail to interested users and can drive cross-sales through recommending suitable products. Hence, integrating a chatbot will not only make the brand appear more approachable but may also boost sales.

Our assessmentEvaluate chatbot for website. The wide usage of Chatbots in many industries will likely make them a standard customer requirement soon. Especially for products and service which require explanation, they can resolve the problem of overly text-intensive pages and discretely drive cross-sales. [learn more]



A new approach to finding the right Influencer

LikeYaa, a start-up from Germany, tries to solve the issue of finding the right influencers for one’s brand: The platform matches influencers and companies based on qualitative measures and thereby tries to propose cooperation partners that really want to work with the brand. Hereby, the influencers choose the brand they want to work with, which creates a more natural fit and decreases scouting efforts on the brand’s side.

Our assessment: Promising idea. In face of the ever increasing number of Influencers, as well as their surging prices, Influencer campaigns have become more difficult for many brands. We therefore find LikeYaa an attractive idea that may help finding a suitable cooperation partner. Also, the service may be cheaper than a traditional Influencer agency. On the other hand, it is likely that the matching algorithm will still have to mature before being able to deliver on its promise. We hence recommend to keep an eye on this service. [learn more] (German article)





How Google’s new “Ad strentgh” tool works

A tool indicating the strength of responsive and display ads is now available. Moreover, user can track which headlines and texts work best. (learn more)


Instagram logo

Introduction to Instagram Pods

A tool for brands to spread content on Instagram. “Pods” are direct messages between 15 – 30 users and function through a “like-for-like” principle. (learn more)