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Online Marketing Compass Edition #3

eCommerce, Influencers, Online Advertising

By Leon Merse on 09/28/2018

This week’s selection of key topics: Amazon attacks Etsy & DaWanda / Instagram: New levers to generate direct sales / Pinterest now open for Influencer Marketing / Youtube introduces new ad format / How to successfully launch a product on Amazon



Amazon attacks Etsy & DaWanda by creating own category for products from smaller business

Amazon announced that it will add a new category which shows only products from small & medium businesses, in Germany, the UK and the USA. The category will be called “Storefronts” and works as follows: It will present different “Collections” of 25 products which are linked to one topic (e.g. Halloween products). Furthermore, businesses will be able to present themselves with a more personal touch (“Meet the owner”) and one business will be prominently featured as “Storefront of the week”, each week.

Our assessmentJoin Storefronts early. Amazon will support this new category with TV-Spots, which proves their commitment to the topic. If your company suits this category, we advise to join Amazon early on, to have a head start against competition. At the same time, we recommend setting up alternative channels (e.g. Etsy DaWanda) to have a better bargaining position against Amazon once they start demanding for more. [learn more]



The beginning of the end? Shopping gains higher importance and founders leave Instagram

Instagram expands its e-Commerce business by rolling out its shopping function globally, as a channel in its “Explore” tab and within Stories. Via the “Explore” function, brands will be able to mark their products with a Shopping Bag-icon and additionally make them findable in a “Shopping” category. Additionally, Shopping placements can also be applied in Stories, which sounds attractive considering Instagram’s 400 million engagements per day.

These moves towards a more commercialized Instagram come at the same time as their two founders have announced to leave the company over major disputes with facebook CEO Marc Zuckerberg.

Our recommendation: Use Instagram Shopping function. Based on its almost purely image-driven nature and the high-quality images on the platform, Instagram is a perfect channel to present products and entice people to buy them. We therefore recommend using the “Shopping” feature directly, as its impact is likely to diminish over time, once users have become accustomed to it[learn more]



Pinterest, soon one of the most important platforms for Influencers?

For the first time, the inspirational picture-curating platform will give access to its previously untouchable analytics. Initially, only 8 partners are part of this cooperation (e.g. HYPR, Open Influence) and should help brands to understand how Influencer Marketing works on Pinterest.

Our assessment: Keep an eye on Pinterest. Pinterest has over 250 million users around the globe seeking inspiration on a regular basis. Once the platform has established the necessary environment for Influencer campaigns, this could be a game changer… Plus: Since most other social channels have difficulties to track the actual impact of Influencers, Pinterest could potentially even become the preferred chann, but let’s see what the first tests revea. [learn more]





Symbol representing Ads, for example on Google

Bose: A sucess story on Amazon

Best-in-class example of how to launch a product on amazon. The video is talking about “Vine review campaigns”, as well as their placement of ads. (learn more)


Symbol representing Augemented Reality with a mobile device

YouTube introduces vertical video ads

YouTube generates 70% of its watch time through mobile devices, so it is no wonder that vertical ads got rolled-out. Read more details in the article. (learn more)