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Online Marketing Compass Edition #4

eCommerce, Online Advertising, SEO

By Leon Merse on 10/05/2018

This week’s selection of key topics: Google’s “future of search” changes the rules of online search / Mobile transactions represent more than half of online transactions / Content Marketing: easily recognized but accepted by users / B2B & Social Media? / How to get many and positive Google Reviews



Google’s 20th anniversary comes with several profound changes to the search function

Google announced new features which are likely to change how we search in the internet. Firstly, “Collections” will remind users of previous searches and propose related topics. These will be visualized with a small image + description. Secondly, Google will now automatically offer answers to the most frequent queries related to a keyword (as it is now, when typing in a question). Thirdly, Google will enable users to follow certain topics and will provide updates whenever you visit Google via mobile (“Discover” function).

Our assessment: Invest in strong website images. The updates show that Google is moving away from text-based to image-based search. This means that the images on one’s website may soon be essential to get users to click. We therefore recommend to make sure that the images on one’s website are interesting, unique… and most of all: understandable on a small mobile screen. [learn more]



User easily detect content marketing placements…but find them useful

According to a survey by Clutch, 60% of people were able to to identify content marketing. They recognized it mainly due to: Links to a company’s website, the author’s employment at the company (explained in the bio) or the text discussing the product. Nonetheless, 67% see the content as valuable, and even 39% felt driven to buy the product, after consuming content marketing.

Our assessment: Use content marketing. The study shows that content marketing is one of the few forms of advertising that is still accepted by users. Hence, we recommend using this type of content to gain reach and to support one’s brand positioning. To help you produce good content for this, we have attached some useful tips here[learn more]



Global survey shows importance of “App-commerce” and how it has to be done

Criteo conducted a global analysis of 5000+ retailers in 80+ countries and found that mobile now accounts for over 50% of all e-Commerce transactions (Germany also 50%). This is strongly driven by mobile shopping apps which feature a roughly 20% conversion rate (mobile websites 6% and desktop: 11%, all data USA). More than this, it showed that mobile apps need to offer regular promotions in order to build a loyal customer base.

Our recommendationThink mobile for e-Commerce. Although the study does not cover the basket value of mobile vs. desktop (which is traditionally higher on desktop), it clearly shows that mobile is essential for e-Commerce. We therefore recommend to evaluate whether one’s e-Commerce is optimized for mobile (from an user experience perspective) and to assess whether launching a shopping app supporty by regular promotions would be profitable and desirable for one’s brand. [learn more]





Two buildings representing the interaction of two firms in B2B Marketing.

Checklist for B2B social media advertising

For those in B2B who are thinking of testing Social Media advertising, we have found a useful checklist. (learn more) (German article)


Three starts in a speaking bubble representing Google Reviews

Google reviews: How to get them and their impact

Figure out how to get more and positive reviews by actively promoting them as well as their impact on search performance. (learn more)