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By Leon Merse on 10/12/2018

We are happy to present your our selection of insightful articles regarding the world of Social Media Advertising. Happy reading!

This week’s digital review: Facebook: Advertising in stories / Whatsapp: Finally launching ads in 2019? / Snapchat: New, lucrative e-Commerce functions / Expert insights about Facebook`s first-party cookies and Social Media best practises



Facebook announces global extension of story ads

The social media giant launches ads globally for its “Story” function including ad targeting and measurement functions. Accompanying this announcement, Facebook conducted a survey with Ipsos which revealed that 62% of respondents were more interested to buy the products after seeing it in a story and ⅔ are using stories on three or more platforms (Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp or Facebook) on a weekly basis.

Our assessment: Use ads on Facebook stories.
Stories are on the rise. Once produced, the content can be easily adopted from one platform to another. E.g. Instagram stories can be applied for Facebook immediately, as long as the ad doesn’t exceed 6 seconds. We also expect that Facebook’s move will accelerate the trend towards mobile friendly vertical ads, thus we recommend to evaluate producing content tailored for this. [learn more]



Does WhatsApp finally go commercial in 2019?

According to Facebook’s marketing specialist Carolyn Everson, WhatsApp plans to increase its commercial activity in 2019 by introducing new types of ads, such as little ad banners across the messengers interfaces. This trend towards more monetization goes along with the fact that both founders of WhatsApp now left the mother company Facebook. 5 years ago when Facebook bought the messenger, the founders had established a clause in the contract to disregard profitability, which will expire soon.

Our assessment: Keep an eye on WhatsApp’s commercial functions. WhatsApp just recently established its Business function globally, to introduce more companies to the platform. In case the shift from a formerly ads-free app to a more monetized messenger continuous, WhatsApp is definitely worthwhile to consider for online advertising. Nevertheless, its remains questionable where and when exactly these ads will be placed, and whether consumers will accept the format.
[learn more] (German article)



Snapchat launches several e-Commerce functions

The video and picture-based social media platform headlines with two announcements of e-Commerce functions. Firstly, it partners with Amazon to establish a shopping function which lets users take a picture of a product or barcode to then get forwarded to its Amazon page. Secondly, shoppable ads are now available to all advertisers, allowing them to use two functions:
– Import your product catalogs to your postings
– Use tracking pixels to analyse specific consumer actions on one’s website

Our recommendation: Try Snapchat’s e-Commerce functions
All major Social Media platforms already offer direct shopping options. Hence, it is likely that consumers will get used to shopping through Social Media. Additionally, Snapchat’s product recognition which discovers the product on Amazon, makes purchasing even easier than on any other platform. Therefore, we recommend using Snapchat’s shopping functions, if you have a Snapchat channel. [learn more]





Graph and scope representing analytics

Facebook launches first-party cookie solution for ads and analytics

1P-cookie option for Facebook pixel, to help businesses understand their ad performance and block 3P-cookies. (learn more)


Mobile device and like-buttons representing social media

4 inspiring Social Media best practises

Define your voice. Tell stories. Community engagement. Timing. Those 4 techniques are explained in detail. (learn more)