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Online Marketing Compass Edition #6

eCommerce, Facebook, YouTube

By Leon Merse on 11/16/2018

This week’s digital round-up: LinkedIn gains attention from marketers / YouTube made the first 10 seconds of an ad more relevant / Pinterest: The golden nugget of social media channels? / Facebook study: High conversion rates and the importance of mobile / How to set-up your website for sales days



LinkedIn: 3 exciting updates for marketer

The social network hit the headlines and gives Marketers incentives to have a closer look at the platform.
1) The feed ranking algorithm will consider how strongly the creator of the content “appreciates” the engagement. Smaller businesses will benefit from that, according to LinkedIn, since likes and comments have more importance for them to gain visibility.
2) Sponsored content can now be tracked via Google’s Campaign Manager. It includes the ad performance compared to other channels as well as cross-device and platform analytics
3) Companies can now publish videos on LinkedIn through Vimeo. It’s the first platform offering end-to-end integration and enclosed analytical tools.

Our recommendation: Evaluate LinkedIn for your brandWith more than 260 million users, LinkedIn offers a large audience. Considering the adjusted algorithm and the opportunity to post videos, it is worthwhile to evaluate LinkedIn as a pillar in your Social Media ecosystem . However, we recommend to first assess LinkedIn for your brand and test non-monetary options before integrating sponsored content.



Youtube counts engagement on video ads after 10 seconds

The social media giant adapts its video ad view metrics. It’s system will now count TrueView video ads as “viewed” after the user watches them for 10 seconds, compared to the prior 30 seconds. Youtube argues that 10 seconds is a more accurate representation of the current purchase journey of customers. Additionally, Youtube stated that 90% of consumers now discover products and brands on the platform, which should encourage marketers to further invest in YouTube.

Our recommendation: Assess ads produced for YouTube. 1.8 billion active users from which, according to YouTube, 90% find new products and brands – those are highly attracting figures for publishers. The shortened ad view registration may let the first seconds of the commercial be even more important than before. However, there is no evidence regarding the impact on ad billing and exposure yet. Therefore we recommend to start assessing your existing YouTube ads for now.
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Pinterest: 250 million user and lucrative marketing tool

It has been a long time since the inspirational picture-curating platform was seen as the “hidden gem” of social media channels. An increasing number of followers and fruitful marketing tools may rather let it shine like a golden nugget:
– User can target their audience by using more than 5000 options
– Influencer campaigns to ease cooperation of brands and influencers
– Pincodes to forward users form physical products to the website

Our assessment: Seriously evaluate Pinterest for your brand.
Recently, we recommended to keep an eye on the platform. Considering the current developments, promising influencer opportunities and targeting options, we recommend to thoroughly evaluate Pinterest for your brand. Additionally, it is privately held and doesn’t struggle with monetization accusations such as Facebook or Instagram yet.
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How are video ads perceived on Facebook

A Facebook study assessed the impact of video ads. Also: consuming both TV and Facebook ads increases the conversion rate to 117%. (learn more)


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10 strategies to prepare your website for sales days

Find out how to equip websites for the most important sales days of the year. Including the review of your UI and stress-tests of your infrastructure. (learn more)