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Online Marketing Compass Edition #7

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By Leon Merse on 11/19/2018

This week’s digital round-up: Instagram: Which content triggers the most interactions? / Google finally opens the web for stories / Trend: 500 million follower app for younger audience / Amazon offers 4 new ad placements / Google’s Showcase Shopping Ads get polished



Instagram study reveals insightful figures about interactions and post types

Quintly recently analysed over 9 million posts on Instagram and revealed interesting insights, especially regarding user interactions. The study was clustered into 6 account groups based on the follower-size, and then analyzed in 6 categories from post-type performance to the impact of emojis. The key takeaways: Interactions on videos are 21% higher compared to photos, yet only 17% of the content posted are videos. Moreover, based on interaction-rates the “perfect” content-piece uses 1–50 or even zero characters, no hashtags and 1–3 emojis. Note: the figures slightly vary for each follower size.

Our assessment: Follow Instagram studies and updates closely.
The study shows how many factors should be considered by marketers to get the most out of the platform. We recommend the use of videos, condensed text as well as emojis. However, the numbers regarding hashtags might be misleading, since they are still essential to gain awareness outside your follower group. We advise to follow trends such athe announced profile redesign closely.
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Google rolls out web-based AMP stories

Google finally follows the trend of “stories” by offering its AMP stories. The main advantage over Instagram and Snapchat: Google’s format is web-based and therefore not bound to any app. Furthermore, any enriching element (Sound, Video, Images, Motion Graphics, Text) can be integrated to offer users a proper full-screen experience. AMP stories can be monetized which should give further incentives to marketers. The main catch: the creation is comparably complex: publishers need knowledge in HTML, CSS and Java.

Our recommendation: Evaluate AMP for your brand and website.
Since users empirically strive for new formats of content, it remains questionable how long the trend of stories will last. Nevertheless, web-based stories could offer a fresh and attractive format.
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App trend: TikTok & Douyin penetrate Social Media

The Chinese company ByteDance stretches its wings in Social Media through it’s western brand TikTok (former and its Chinese pendant Douyin. The basic idea of these apps is to let users post so called “Lip-Sync Videos” in which they have up to 15 seconds to entertain their followers supported by music. TikTok is growing rapidly and counts over 500 million users, mostly under 23 years old. Brands like Adidas already successfully positioned their products in some of the videos. Nevertheless, there is little research about the extremely fast-moving platform so that an experimental streak is necessary.

Our assessment: Observe the development of Lip-Sync apps. 
First of all, the target group of Lip-Sync apps is very young, which has to be taken into consideration before entering the platform. Also, the booming numbers of users might imply a short termed hype. Yet, a recent german study revealed that only 8% of teenagers use Facebook daily, which shows the potential for new platforms. We therefore recommend brands that want to target under 23 y/o consumers, have an experimental mindset and capacities for Real-Time Marketing may take a closer look at the platform.
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Amazon updates on Sponsored Brand ads

4 new placement opportunities for desktop and mobile. Expanded bidding capabilities and improved reporting insights are also explained in the article. (learn more)


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Google enables videos for Showcase Shopping Ads

The tech giant lets Showcase Ads appear for more specific queries. Also, marketers can now include videos of any length along with their ads. (learn more)