Digital Marketing: Introduction to the Digital Jungle

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By Miguel Strobel on 07/31/2019

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Bootcamp! Now you are here and from now on it means survival.
But wait, I’m a (Marketing) star! Get me out of here.

While this dialogue may seem a bit cynical, it’s basically one of the first challenges digital enthusiasts need to face to get started:

Step 1: You want to become digital?
No problem, in no time you will get there.

Step 2: But what now? How does a person adapt to the digital knowledge that one needs to now?
Here are some options that you can start with:

There are little. There are many who explain the importance of digital marketing, but very few that tangibly explain what to do next.

There are few, including some very good titles. It is a pity that most of them require a certain basic knowledge (in addition to the irony of reading in an offline medium about online media).

So now we are left with online search.
If this is your first step, you are already digitally advanced. And probably you start right with the market leader in Germany: Google.
But what term should you actually look for? Googling how much content per keyword exists is obvious but not very helpful, because you get a huge number of results for each keyword (e.g. ‘Digital Marketing’ = 121.000.000 results on Google).

Solution: logic inversion

Search how often each keyword is searched for. Because good pages are search-engine-optimized for top terms. I tried to uncover this on my own and started a rough keyword analysis (I’ll explain how it works soon). The result of this quick- & dirty analysis is self-evident:

Top 15 keywords in general, and their monthly search volume in Google:

  1. Online Marketing, 12.109
  2. Digital Marketing, 1.950
  3. Internet Marketing, 1.188
  4. e-Marketing, 1000
  5. Digital Marketing Agency, 560
  6. Search Engine Marketing, 317
  7. Digital Marketing Manager, 214
  8. Online Advertising, 213
  9. Digital Strategy, 210
  10. Website Marketing, 210
  11. Marketing Agency, 165
  12. Marketing Online, 140
  13. Digital Marketing Strategy, 74
  14. Digital Market, 50
  15. Internet Marketing Company, 19

(Source: Average of the last 12 months, as of 20.04.18)


In there are more than 15,000 monthly searches for ‘Digital Marketing in general’ and that only in the top 15 search terms. While Google can already recognize semantic relationships, but you can imagine how difficult it might be to find what you were looking for.

Nonetheless, a helpful fact is recognizable:
The keyword ‘Online Marketing dominates, the next two relevant keywords are ‘Digital Marketing‘ and ‘Internet Marketing‘. Interestingly enough, the first term has been losing search volume for years, with  ‘Internet and Digital Marketing’ becoming more relevant.

So if you want to learn something about digital marketing, it’s a good idea to use these 3 keywords as the starting point for your research as they already cover 80% of the search volume of the top 15 terms.

In respect to this matter, I hope I could help you a bit with figuring out the relevant keywords for your research, and I look forward to helping you expand your digital skills.
In addition, you are also welcome to follow this blog! 🙂

See you next time,
Miguel Strobel