Digital Marketing & eCommerce Consulting

Your independent support on Digital Marketing Strategy & eCommerce topics: Practical solutions instead of theoretical strategies.


Our team consists of Marketing-, Digital- and Design-Experts with longstanding experience in B2C and B2B industries. By combining Agency- and Industry know how, we form diverse perspectives to develop comprehensive solutions for complex digital marketing issues.


Our performance spectrum offers you bespoke solutions for various topics in digital marketing.
We offer straightforward and fast support for specific questions but also develop complex concepts for a holistic Digital Marketing Strategy. To make sure that our strategies are successful we offer implementation support and coaching for your employees.


What distinguishes us from other consultancies: all our assessments are based on years of practical experience, not just on theory and trends. This practical orientation allows us to provide you implementation support for your Digital Marketing Strategy.


Our consulting services are 100% independent.
Since we don’t offer agency services, we have no incentive to advice you on implementation strategies that would benefit us back. Our only incentive is to give your our best opinion.

“Watersky has supported our business in taking the relevant steps in our digital transformation and supported the build up of a digitally agile team.
We are very happy with the strategic support provided, choosing the right steps for a strong digital presence for our brand in Sweden.”

Mirjam Bauhr
Pharmacy Director Nordics
Beiersdorf AG

Selected Projects

Playbook Development

Challenge: Making a digital strategy or knowledge from various sources accessible for an entire organization. Thereby, preparing the materials in a way that is consistent, easy to understand, and fun to use.

Result: Unlike design agencies, we marry content development through subject matter experts with design skills to create materials that are beautiful and on-brand, but also impactful.

KPI Dashboard

Challenge: To declutter current KPI setup, mitigating disagreements from various dashboards and sources. Develop an intuitive, readable dashboard that contains insights on all relevant digital marketing channels and functions within the company. Onboard all agency partners so they are aligned on a common goal.

Result: Simplification of 6 independent reports to one standardised dashboard for all Digital Marketing Channels. Consistent standard, suitable for top management as well as marketing managers.

Skill Assessment & Learning Curriculum

Challenge: To design a coaching programme for marketing employees based on the existing digital ecosystem and its weaknesses. In order to address the target group in the best possible manner, an assessment of all existing skills was carried out.

Result: Strategic prioritisation of the coaching modules and increased employee motivation through quick results on the job.

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