Hands-on Digital Marketing Trainings

Make change management & upskilling tangible through hands-on workshops for marketing & digital managers. Because you learn Digital Marketing by doing and not just listening.

What makes our trainings special?

Blends Theory with Practice

Learn theoretical concepts such as channel fundamentals and effective usage with real-life examples of good execution. Go one step further and learn practical skills to actually use the channel.

Hands-on Workshops

Apply your learnings directly to your brand and get immediate feedback from our digital experts. No more uncertainty about how to take the first step!

Reflects Your Industry

Our corporate trainings are custom built to suit your industry needs. We work together with you to identify the most effective examples and best practices.

Watersky Digital makes complex concepts easy to understand.”

Oliver Wenzel
Head of eCommerce
Wella Deutschland

Areas of Expertise

The share of sales being generated through eCommerce is increasing. However, organizations struggle to upskill interdependent teams on a cohesive understanding of eCommerce. Train your teams on fundamental eCommerce marketing principles as well as advanced topics such as futureproofing and KPI tracking. Our eCommerce trainings include topics such as:

Product Discovery

  • eCommerce pathways on your website
  • Leveraging opportunities on 3rd party platforms
  • Inventory Management
  • Product page visibility: eCom SEO & Primary Images

Consideration & Conversion

  • Guided or consultative selling
  • Product page optimization
  • Checkout process
  • Best-in-class executions in your industry

Cross & Upsell

  • Portfolio navigation
  • Brand shops
  • eCommerce promotional placements / advertising

KPIs & Other Advanced Topics

  • eCommerce analytics
  • eCommerce future trends
  • Social shopping / social commerce
  • eCommerce supply chain

How can we help your organisation?

Ranking on Page 1 of Google Search for key topics is essential for growth. However, optimizing for Google’s ever-changing algorithm can be complex. Learn how to gain better search visibility and drive organic traffic to your website through our SEO training. Our hands-on training covers the basic principles of SEO as well as practical takeaways. Build your ideal training through topics such as.

  • What is SEO?
  • SEO vs. SEA
  • Why SEO?
  • SEO terminology
  • Keyword research
  • Content development & optimization
  • Website structure & technical SEO
  • Backlink Profiles

How can we help your organisation?

Advertising is often managed by external agencies who are untransparent about how they manage your campaigns. With the right upskilling, you can empower your team to challenge your agency and steer them in a better-informed way. Our digital advertising training covers topics such as:

  • The role of advertising in the digital ecosystem
  • What is Programmatic Advertising?
  • Personas & target groups
  • Media planning
  • Advertising formats & creatives
  • Variations & testing
  • Effective conversion from clicks
  • Cost/Benefits analysis
  • Analytics & KPIs

How can we help your organisation?

Website & UX principles are all about communicating your brand values while providing users with a seamless experience. Learn how to anticipate user needs through topics such as:

  • Website relaunch management
  • Website & UX trends
  • User pathways and behavior flow
  • Best-in-class executions in your industry
  • Design foundations (typography & consistency, color theory & contrast, …)
  • Mobile usability
  • Technical performance

How can we help your organisation?

The top two challenges that businesses face in their social strategy are – identifying the right platforms and balancing their brand voice with the voice of the platform. Our social media training helps marketing teams understand the basic principles and connect them to practical knowledge on how best to leverage social media. Build the ideal training for your organization by choosing from topics such as:

  • Introduction to social channels such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Demographics and key drivers on each channel
  • Social Media strategy – which platforms to use and how to best leverage them
  • Content planning & publishing
  • Branding & visual design
  • Channel-specific engagement techniques
  • Influencer collaborations
  • Community building
  • Social commerce
  • Social Media KPIs
  • Best-in-class executions in your industry

How can we help your organisation?

Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape that can be difficult to navigate! Get your teams to speak the same language by standardizing their understanding of the digital ecosystem. Through our Digital Marketing Training, you will learn:

  • Digital touchpoints – everything from WhatsApp to Google Ads
  • Classification of touchpoints into cohesive channels
  • Which digital marketing goal each channel helps you achieve
  • How your customer interacts with the ecosystem as part of their consumer journey
  • How to leverage each channel to effectively reach the customer

How can we help your organisation?

Organizations have gone from having not enough data to having too much. Knowing which essential indicators to focus on and understanding how to extract actionable insights is essential for teams that want to make data-driven decisions. Evaluate your analytical setup through these topics:

  • What are KPIs?
  • Why KPIs matter
  • Metrics per channel
  • Differentiating between insights & noise
  • Statistics & benchmarks for good performance
  • KPI setup within your organization.
  • Reporting frequency & formats
  • How to leverage insights in your marketing strategy

How can we help your organisation?

Get to Know your Trainers:


Director, MBA (Oxford)

eCommerce Strategy, Analytics & KPIs

Coming from a corporate background at Beiersdorf AG, Miguel is passionate about making digital analytics transparent & actionable for Marketing Managers. On weekends, you can find Miguel in-line skating with his two boys or reading about sustainable living.


Manager, MBA (Oxford)

SEO & Content Marketing, eCom & Analytics

With a background in Media & Marketing, Sharanya is passionate about all things content: creation, optimization for different channels + audiences, and measurement of performance. Having lived in 4 countries, Sharanya is often found absorbing the local culture through media, food & language.


Director, MBA (Oxford)

UX, Consumer Centricity & Brand Identity

A trained design and communication expert, Tobias fuses his passion for design & digital marketing to help brand managers find a balance between brand identity and consumer centricity. During his free time, you can find Tobias off-roading to remote places.

Training Formats

What is the best training format for my team?

We believe there is no simple answer to this question, as each organization is different. However, we’ve conducted hundreds of trainings over the years and gathered experience on which formats work. You can select your format based on the setting, the length, or the depth of the session. We’re happy to talk to you to identify the right format for your team.

As a starting point, here are formats that we have found highly effective:


Our workshops were initially designed to work by getting the trainers and trainees in a room together. Our experts would hold the session in your offices or a chosen location. This is ideal for longer sessions or bigger teams.


We’ve also evolved most training formats to work remotely. In keeping with the new normal, we’re also used to delivering workshops including interactive elements and practical portions remotely.

Lunch & Learn Sessions

Workshops can be tailored in length based on the needs of your organization. Lunch & Learn sessions are good for executives or for teams that need a high-level view on a topic.


These workshops are better suited for areas where theory and practice need to go hand in hand. Teams usually learn a concept and apply it immediately to their brands.


For true change management, organizations often request us for workshop series. Here we can cover both external and internal topics. For example, your current team setup and identifying the ideal org structure, etc.

Senior Management Sessions

We often tailor digital topics for senior leadership by looking at high-level fundamentals. Plus, we coach senior leaders on what ideal digital teams look like and which KPIs need to be reviewed to truly measure performance.

Brand Manager Workshops

For workshops with brand managers, we go over both theoretical principles and best-in-class applications. Managers can understand how to communicate with their teams and agencies to have better control over marketing goals.


Organizations need to have an integrated understanding of marketing to effectively drive change. Therefore, we also train non-marketers on digital marketing essentials. For instance, Controllers can benefit from understanding KPIs. Traditional sales teams can benefit from understanding how digital channels affect the consumer journey and conversion.

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