22. June 2024

Online Advertising Trends: Top 5 Trends You Need To Know for 2022

Trends in Online Advertising

Why Are Online Advertising Trends Important?

Advertising trends have been shifting from print and television to online in the past few years. Digital Advertising or Online Advertising allows companies to reach precisely targeted segments and to track performance through KPIs. Knowing that this channel is going to be big in 2022, what are Online Advertising Trends that you need to capitalize on?

Trend 1: A Cookieless Future?

Google and Apple will increase their privacy measures for consumers. It is predicted that they will reduce third-party tracking tools on Chrome browsers by 2022. Hence, this means a reduction of the ability to target ads down to an individual level. 44% of marketers say that this change is predicted to increase their online advertising spending by 5-25% to reach the same goal as in 2021.

What this means for you: Get creative and don’t worry Google won’t stop tracking behavior completely
Google may not invest in third-party cookies anymore. However, it will still provide alternatives such as FloC. This is a technology that tracks groups of people rather than individuals. Moreover, this also allows room for more innovation in advertising, with less vulnerable alternatives, in case another privacy change occurs.

Trend 2: Video Content Continues To Expand As An Online Advertising Trend

Video plays an important role in digital advertising. Video advertising is predicted to have a yearly increase of 10% on Facebook and YouTube. Moreover, the consumption of short video streams is rising, with 68% of consumers who want to learn about a new product through this video type.

What this means for you: Use videos in your Online Advertising media mix
With dwindling attention spans, short-form video can be a powerful way to gain visibility. Further, video content is your way to communicate a product’s key characteristics in an easily digestible manner. Testing diverse video advertising tools can help you generate insights on which formats work best for your target audience.

Trend 3: Omnichannel Advertising Connects Online to Offline

Rather than focusing solely on one channel, omnichannel marketing aims to reach customers wherever they are. Its goal is to encourage customers to act by creating high-quality connections. For instance, it has been found that promoting in-store purchases on mobile devices can enhance conversion. With omnichannel marketing, marketers have even seen engagement rates increase by 250% and average order value rise by 13%. In addition, customer retention increased by 90%. 

What this means for you: Gain insights through media panels
Let your target audience’s consumer journey guide your advertising strategy. Online Advertising is booming. However, it can be powerful when combined with offline efforts. In post-pandemic times, we may see a surge in footfalls into physical stores and other venues where visibility could be beneficial. Conducting a media panel study could help you understand how to effectively combine the right online and offline channels.

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Trend 4: Native-Advertising

Incorporating native advertising into marketing media leads to greater authenticity for brands. Native ads allow brands and consumers to connect easily through personalization. Native advertising has been steadily gaining popularity. For example, it forms the basis of almost every online marketing strategy. As of 2020, the cost of native advertising reached $52.7 billion with spending expected to increase by 46% this year.

What this means for you: Test Native Ads for Storytelling & Branding
Native ads are often showcased as a natural fit or progression of the site’s content. This type of targeting can encourage users to engage with your content. The format of native advertising also allows you to tell your brand story in a personalized manner. However, beware that savvy users are developing their filters for all ad formats including native placements.

Trend 5: Rapid Growth

Using mobile devices for several hours a day has become the norm and hands-free use is the next step in its natural evolution. Voice search has revolutionized the way we look for information. Moreover, about 20% of all searches are now voice-based and by 2022 it is expected to reach up to 50%.

Using voice search on mobiles
Voice Search on Mobiles

What this means for you: Optimize your marketing content for voice
Voice is an efficient and easy way to get information about a product you need. Moreover, it is a lot quicker than typing the text out. As a result, optimizing content is important as people speak with voice assistants as if they were talking to a real person. In other words, it is important for your content to be informal, easily digestible with longer key phrases.


These are the top 5 advertising trends to monitor and test for your business in 2022. Trends such as cookieless advertising, video advertising, and voice search are going to be inevitable to adapt to. As a result, it is important for you to update your marketing and content strategies accordingly. Omnichannel and native advertising can be possibilities based on your individual marketing strategy. So these are trends that you can monitor and test for your business.

What To Do Next

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