22. June 2024

Website & UX Design Trends: Top 5 Trends You Need To Know For 2022

Trends in Website UX Design

Why Are UI/UX Design Trends So Important?

Website & UX Design Trends continue to evolve, particularly during the eCommerce boom. Additionally, user expectations regarding digital interactions have also changed rapidly. This dynamic landscape can be hard for businesses to keep up with.

How can your brand not only keep up with but also benefit from these trends? User experience (UX) begins with user needs. Positive experiences that meet customer needs result in clients staying loyal to a brand. In fact, the UX or design of a website can influence up to 94% of initial feelings related to a brand. Thus, keeping up with the newest Website & UX Design trends is imperative to prevent your brand from feeling dated.

Trend 1: Mobile Only UX

With the rise of 5G technology, mobile apps will continue to gain popularity. By 2025, nearly 3.7 billion people will access the web exclusively via mobile phones. This will represent over 72% of the global internet user base. For instance, shopping through mobile devices in Germany is expected to generate €2.9 billion by the end of 2021. This figure will go up in 2022 as the largest generation (Gen Z) increases spending through mobile apps.

What this means for you: Make sure your website and UX design are ready for the mobile revolution
In comparison to a desktop computer or tablet, a smartphone is far more personal. As a result, users will develop a stronger relationship with brands that provide contextually appropriate digital experiences. It is no longer enough to build UX designs for desktop users with mobile compatibility as an afterthought. You need to be thinking about how users behave while interacting with their devices. This means moving navigational elements within the reach of their thumb. Further, communicating visually while maintaining quick load speeds will also be essential.

Trend 2: Animated Customer Interaction 3D

In recent years, 3D animations have become increasingly popular, especially since UI designers are finding it easier to create them. The immersive quality of 3D allows users to view products and services on an interactive level: for example, the ability to view products or services in 360-degree mode. By 2022, more brands will use 3D models to mimic the shopping experience of a physical store. Furthermore, 3D animations are an excellent way to create easily digestible, engaging, and memorable content that attracts consumers and increases sales.

3D Animations on the Website of Meadlight
3D Animations on the Website of Meadlight

What this means for you: Leverage 3D for eCommerce
Website & UX design trends like 3D animation present you with an opportunity to engage a broad range of users. It presents a good opportunity to mimic the movement and dynamism of the offline experience. For products with extended consideration periods in the consumer journey, 3D can speed up decision-making. But always keep in mind: If you are planning to use 3D effects on your website, make sure it is also fast and responsive.

Trend 3: Minimalist Website & UX Design

On one hand, products are being showcased in 3D to increase ‘real feel’. On the other hand, visuals are becoming flatter and more minimalist. With visual clutter becoming a major challenge for users, lighter design offers respite to tired eyes. Therefore, minimalistic design has become increasingly popular over the last few years and will likely continue to do so in the upcoming years. BMW and other brands are taking on a minimalistic look and rebranding their logos, while still remaining faithful to their original brand identity. Also, website owners are optimizing their websites to make them easy to navigate by keeping them as simple as possible.

BMW logo over the years
BMW – Brand Logo Design Shifts

What this means for you: Evaluate how to incorporate minimalism into your brand’s ethos
With a minimalist design, your site is easier to navigate and gives users a lighter UX. As a result, your load speeds and overall UX may also improve. However, it is beneficial to understand if this design resonates with your user base before completely overhauling your website to create a flat look. This trend may evolve through 2022, so it is best to find elements that you can adapt while still staying true to your brand.

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Trend 4: UX Design For Voice Search

Voice search and voice commands are now available on many apps. The native OS’ voice assistant can be combined on mobile phones or an app, which can be custom-built to perform Google searches automatically. Voice commands can be used to search for products, instead of typing in product names. Voice search, is easy to use and provides greater accessibility. As a result, all users, regardless of physical challenges, can access the devices the same way. Due to its growing usage rates, it is likely to remain a trend for many years to come.

Voice Search
Voice Search Trend

What this means for you: Take action and test your voice search
Voice is here to stay, there is no doubt about it. Consumers’ interaction with digital devices is no longer limited to keyboards. Individuals will speak into their phones, smart home devices, and other digital assistants. Voice-enabled systems equipped with artificial intelligence will be able to predict customers’ purposes in the near future. To ensure that you are ready for this trend, adapt your content to closely mimic spoken language.

Trend 5: Personalized Web And UX Design

To improve the customer experience, personalization is essential. This Website & UX-Design trend is in swing, as it provides relevant product recommendations based on previous customer behaviors and historical data. A personalized website, app or product predicts the needs and wants of the users. This thus results in the user receiving an experience without having to specifically ask for it. When machine learning advances, personalization will intelligently adapt content based on customers’ interactions and behaviors.


These are the top 5 Website & UX trends to monitor and test for your business in 2022. Trends such as minimalism, voice search and a personalized experience are going to be inevitable to adapt to. As a result, it is important for you to adjust and enhance your UX. Voice search, on the other hand, can be evaluated for your website and UX-design strategy depending on your audience’s needs and business goals. In 2022, it will be important for your website to look relevant and offer content that resonates.

What To Do Next

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